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  1. 2015 Micra trip computer/multi info display (MID) fuel economy, odo, fuel gauge, etc.
  2. Navigation?
  3. Micra speedometer shows faster than it's really going
  4. Horn replacement
  5. Improving speaker sound
  6. Stereo and speaker replacement
  7. Aftermarket engine temperature gauge? Compass? Outside temperature?
  8. Steering Wheel Audio Interface (where is factory bluetooth module?)
  9. Bluetooth and USB
  10. Reprogramming Micra's computer to change fuel gauge feature?
  11. Convenience package head unit aggravations!
  12. Subwoofer
  13. Dash (dash kit to replace the factory radio?)
  14. ScanGauge custom codes for the Micra (eg. MAF, MAP, Oil temp/pressure)
  15. Smartphone holder
  16. Are all the Micra speakers 6.5"?
  17. Guide to USB stick usage with the Micra stereo
  18. Factroy Radio with SD card
  19. English version of Audio Insturction for Radio with SD card reader
  20. Tachometer to connect to OBD connector
  21. Horn Wire Trigger near the steering columnż?
  22. fitting drl.
  23. Spotify on Micra 2015 SR
  24. Bluetooth module via AUX plug
  25. My Sound Set Up
  26. S / SV Stock Head Unit MP3 Discs
  27. FINALLY!! Aftermarket DIN frame
  28. Subwoofer installation phase 1
  29. Aftermarket stereo with sv steering wheel controls
  30. Bluetooth music
  31. Sub installation
  32. CNET video on speedometers: shows higher speed than reality.is our Micra w/in limits?
  33. Pioneer NEX 4100 USB Retention
  34. Missing my XM Radio
  35. micra "lanewatch" how possible is it ?
  36. "Convenience" package full colour head unit failure
  37. Relocated aftermarket speakers
  38. Iphone via USB experience
  39. 2017 Micra S has no rear speakers but does anyone know if the wires are still there
  40. Help with Micra Stereo
  41. Audio / steering wheel controls
  42. Anyone add aftermarket 2-din to a Micra?
  43. Steering Wheel Control cleaning/ replacement (without removing steering wheel)
  44. Anyone have to buy these?
  45. Would a touch screen from a Versa or SR top model have audio stream?
  46. Dash cam installed
  47. 2015 Micra (USB problem)
  48. How are the OEM batteries in the winter time?
  49. Cluster - Speedometer Removal
  50. Anyone have any photos of the front doors with the plastic panels removed
  51. Part # and name
  52. Micra comes with washer fluid light.
  53. Just added new head unit.
  54. Remote starter Viper 4806V on standard 2017 Micra SR
  55. Remote starter Viper 4806V on standard 2017 Micra SR
  56. Building a Subwoofer/amp box for the Micra.
  57. Custom audio box/sub/radio...
  58. Looking to Buy a Working Stock Micra Radio for $20 Within Durham Region
  59. Complete sound system finally installed.
  60. iPhone X Compatability
  61. Has anyone done the radio from a SR to an SV?
  62. Anyone know where I can get an SR Trim radio in Canada?
  63. Power cable through firewall (How to)
  64. The new micra radio out take hope this is okay
  65. SR Radio firmware upgrade?
  66. Another subwoofer thread
  67. New rear sub/amp box
  68. Steering wheel controls not lit?
  69. Disabling the WARNING BUZZER