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  1. 2015 Nissan Micra interior pictures/photos
  2. Base vs SR seat design
  3. would this be possible? auto climate
  4. RTP Signature Aluminum Pedals available for Micra
  5. Child seats in Micra- Need help
  6. Seat Covers
  7. DIY: Turning your Micra into a micro cargo van... rear seat removal
  8. Storage/Organizer Under Tonneau Cover from UK K13
  9. A/C issues ???
  10. Floor Mats
  11. DIY: adding keyless entry / remote power locks to Micra S
  12. Locks? (unlock when closing door)
  13. LED light upgrade
  14. First major complaint I have. Rear passenger windows won't defrost
  15. What colour are your HVAC LED's?
  16. Another LED interior light upgrade (bright dome light)
  17. Is there a seat belt reminder sound on the micra??
  18. Horrendous fan noise in my MICRA (heater fan)
  19. Dangerous: foot getting stuck on plastic near gas pedal - 2015 Micra SV
  20. Rear Seat not attached
  21. Nismo sport pedals
  22. Weathertech Mats for Micra
  23. aftermarket arm rest / console cubby for Micra S
  24. Compatible short shift kit
  25. Replacement shift knob micra 2015
  26. Headliner (has anyone dropped one yet?)
  27. interior rattles (dash, headliner)
  28. Tonneau/cargo cover (where to find a used, wrecked or aftermarket)
  29. Removing salt from carpets
  30. Trunk sill missing carpeting?
  31. Radio changes stations automatically
  32. Replacement aftermarket HVAC knobs
  33. Adding cross tire iron to the tire change tool kit
  34. proper gps on screen
  35. deep glove box solution
  36. Coins jar or ashtray
  37. anyone has a creative way to store sunglasses?
  38. 350 Z interior mods
  39. Anyone got Micra Cargo Mat to recommend?
  40. Cell phone / GPS holders
  41. What mounting kit for double din stereo???
  42. Dash board differences
  43. Dashboard lights
  44. First toy arrived: chromed vent...
  45. Car-Wireless Bluetooth hands free MP3player....etc..
  46. Think I want one
  47. First Toy Finally Here! Doorsill protection.
  48. Heated seats for your Micra?
  49. another random noise with the micra...
  50. Bling Bling ( Custom Inner Hatch Scuff Plates)
  51. Something stupid i bought....
  52. Got myself some protective stickers
  53. Vinyl
  54. Seat covers
  55. UK micra interior trim pieces
  56. So this is what i did this long weekend. trunk bumper protection.
  57. Seat cover that fit alright in the Nissan Micra S
  58. Replace interior light
  59. Seat back storage
  60. How to open up shifter (cleaning automatic shift lever area)
  61. New Matts
  62. New drivers seat
  63. Shift Boot Trim
  64. F-U Horn is on the way.
  65. Shiny Foot Rest Mod.
  66. 2015 micra S cargo cover template- DIY
  67. Upgraded armrest centre console
  68. Inner hatch cover mod.
  69. Rear Hatch Lighting
  70. Anyone figured out how to remove the parking light bulb?
  71. A/C automatically turns on with fan
  72. Nissan Micra k11 '96 rear seat fold
  73. Has anyone tried Rain-X Anti Fog?
  74. Aftermarket steering wheel
  75. Dash trim upgrade
  76. Upgraded dome light fixture. The answer to the question you never asked.
  77. Your how to remove your steering wheel emblem guide
  78. Sound deadening a hatch
  79. Does the cargo cover come with SV?
  80. Floor mats to prevent salt stains?
  81. Weathertech/Nissan drivers side floor mat doesn't stay put in that so called clip.
  82. Do you find the AC not cold enough?
  83. Would the dome housing from a Rouge fit into a Micra?
  84. What's in the hatch of your Micra?
  85. What size is the cargo light in the hatch?
  86. Aluminum Pedal Covers?
  87. Does anyone have the armrest that goes into the cup holder?
  88. A fan that fits in the cup holder for people in the back.
  89. Does anyone here use a dash cam in their Micra?
  90. Why do you doors lock when driving?
  91. Flick turn signal stock and car signals 3 times?
  92. The World's first Micra k13 Car Porn
  93. Cluster- Speedometer Removal
  94. March Nismo S Steering Wheel
  95. DIY: steps to remove instrument cluster
  96. Automatic shifter cover
  97. Second cargo light
  98. Fan hitting something, no heat or Defrost. *Video* Solved: ICE hitting fan.
  99. NISMO shifter collar and TOMEI shift knob
  100. March OEM rear head rest (better visibility out the back)
  101. DIY: Blower Motor Resistor replacement (with pics)
  102. Micra (March) Euro/JDM low profile rear headrest swap
  103. DIY: Nissan Micra OEM rear parcel shelf install (cargo cover)
  104. New Rattle Sound. (Dashboard, near windshield, passenger side)
  105. Sounds like sand in passenger, front door.
  106. Loud thump from front windshield, dashboard.
  107. Heated Seats for 2017+ Models?
  108. Adding more light to hatch and back seat areas?
  109. Nissan/Weathertech mat getting caught under the pedals.
  110. Nissan Cube steering wheel - SR look on the cheap
  111. Interior leather, and vent covers.
  112. Steering column U-Joint and Car Mats
  113. Fun little 10 min mod: Door lock covers
  114. Leather wrapped my steering wheel
  115. Door handle interior covers
  116. Clock-spring, driverside mirror, cupholder, headliner warranty
  117. the interior door locks on a 2015
  118. Self-unlocking front doors
  119. Dash and cupholder rattle