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  1. 2015 Nissan Micra curb weight vs. competitors
  2. 2015 Nissan Micra - exterior pictures/photos (hi res)
  3. Video: 2014 Nissan March/Micra NISMO
  4. IMPUL body kit
  5. Some passion for the Micra - (wild K13 concept: stance, wheels, fascia, rockers, etc)
  6. C-West body kit
  7. M'z Speed Exclusive Zeus Body Kit
  8. Difference between sport vs. regular headlights (pics)... sport tail lights?
  9. Terra Force body kit
  10. K-Break body kit
  11. Batmobile Body Kit?
  12. Kia Rio / Micra similarity
  13. 2015 Micra paint exterior colour choices (Updated for 2016)
  14. Would you put an aftermarket sunroof in a Micra?
  15. Nissan Micra Rear Spoiler
  16. Adding a pull-down strap to the hatchback
  17. just for fun...
  18. Condenser coil protection screen
  19. Rust protection / undercoating
  20. Nismo/nismo s march/micra k13
  21. Adding SR sill spoilers to non-SR Micra (thats what nissan calls them) / side skirts
  22. SR rear spoiler priced and part number found.
  23. found some more tasty part numbers, but i dont read japapapapapanese
  24. Yay, found the parts list for the micra
  25. What do you think of this setup
  26. What is this little cover for on the right side of the Micra's bumper?
  27. Non-powered door locks. - ADVISORY
  28. Bumper protection
  29. OEM Micra lightbulb replacement guide
  30. Really? Head light washers?
  31. One final part left to find: rear hatch handle! Any assistance welcome.
  32. Passenger Side Wiper Arm (why the upward angle?)
  33. Washing and Car Washes
  34. I'm becoming a monster... (Micra modifications)
  35. Manual Door Locks, a cautionary tale for morons.
  36. Fog light bulb replace (how to?)
  37. Damper or Bumper for hood nissan micra k13
  38. Muffler heat shield - torn off
  39. Turn off running lights
  40. Chrome Exhaust Tip
  41. Micra Trim Part Numbers
  42. Euro Plate
  43. Windows won't Roll Down in Cold Weather?
  44. Anyone know where to order this style of rear top spoiler?
  45. Warning for Spoiler and Skirt buyers
  46. Vent Visors / window deflectors -- group buy
  47. vent visors
  48. Any exterior differences between the Micra SV and S?
  49. Help Finding a vendor for OEM ''MARCH'' badge
  50. Rear wiper (enable rear washer on S?) -- solved
  51. Bumper Cover Plastic Push In Rivets
  52. Protecting the fuel filler pipe
  53. Hood bug shield / deflector for K13 Micra 2015 facelift
  54. I debadged mine
  55. Custom "Euro plate"...
  56. JDM Style Yellow Headlights
  57. Headlight replacement
  58. Sandblasted / chipped rear rocker panel and dogleg (potential rust problem)
  59. Fun with Plasti-Dip (badging edition)
  60. Factory Stripe - Doors (measurement pls)
  61. smoked tail lights
  62. Roof rack/bicycle rack
  63. DIY: Fog lights installation
  64. Micra trailer hitch... and hitch-mounted bike rack
  65. Windows, UV filter, tint
  66. horn, easy-lip,fog light
  67. DIY: How to remove Micra S front bumper (pics)
  68. Tow hook (micra cup style tow hoop)
  69. Nissan roof rack
  70. all fit automotive lip kit
  71. Trunk metal easily dented! (hip-checked it shut)
  72. Wiper Blade Sizes?
  73. rally armor universal mudflaps
  74. windshield replacement?
  75. Push bar project
  76. Because You're mine, I tow the line...installing 4 pin trailer lights
  77. Photo of repaired nick and dent
  78. Pictures of my ski/snowboard pod.
  79. SuperBumper or How to Minimize Bad Luck...
  80. Shark mouth
  81. This is what we need!
  82. Anyone have a video on installing mud flap?
  83. Front bumper (aftermarket lower treatment)
  84. Nismo side stripes
  85. Paint Protection Films
  86. Second toy arrived: Mud flaps
  87. Chrome roof trim and painted calipers.
  88. Plate change and tilt bracket.
  89. NismoMania
  90. My Plasti Dip Journey
  91. Bumper/Hatch scratch pad
  92. Micra vs Squirrel
  93. New toy arrived (Can you guess what it is?)
  94. lip kit and racing disk hupcaps on Micra S
  95. Another Micra donning a hood deflector
  96. Look Closely, can you see it?
  97. 3rd Brake light strobe and dubstep.
  98. Storage mod (roof basket)
  99. Is this something that can be done on our Micra? (side mirror w/ LED signal repeater)
  100. Scarlett glows. (LED Lightbar Mod)
  101. More toys arrived: chromed... i don't know how to call it..
  102. Rear trunk latch key (hatchback lock seized)
  103. Decals!
  104. So i installed these today - mirror visor...
  105. Love the car, but the paint chips too easily, and no help from dealer.
  106. Tint - Group Buy
  107. Plasti Dip over sticker
  108. highway travel bug screen (repurposed larger screen)
  109. Fender rolling.
  110. SR spoiler on stock "S" model
  111. Carbon Fiber Lip strip
  112. Kode bonnet spacers
  113. Nismo Badge Front/rear
  114. Mess with the Bull? You'll be seein' red.
  115. Am I still in the right place? (New Badge Mod)
  116. The Stripe Thread
  117. Euro spec
  118. another roof rack
  119. 2016 micra sv (should I do anti-rust spray?)
  120. Got Grilled. Stainless mesh inserts.
  121. Red Mirrors on a Blue Micra
  122. The Micra Treatment
  123. Those LEDs are looking good!
  124. Miami badging (AKA "NISMO" badging)
  125. Front bumper knockout
  126. Rear Hatch Adjustment
  127. Too much chrome?
  128. Front rubber lip
  129. My Micra got Krownd
  130. lip kit
  131. Whale tail, anyone?
  132. "Racing stickers"
  133. Anyone installed the oem parking sensors?
  134. Side skirts?
  135. Mass Effect Decals
  136. Is this trailer hitch for a 2015 Micra?
  137. Under car LED stripes
  138. ...SuperMikey has sustained a minor injury... Need help!
  139. Side skirt (rocker panel) rust issue?
  140. Winter blues (check your rear bumper for debris inside)
  141. Loose Window Trim
  142. After Market LED Tail Lights Issue
  143. Anyone ever add LED headlights to their Micra?
  144. Switching out accent/DRL lights.
  145. Fog lights? (Dealer says: impossible to install on SV)
  146. 4 Weeks old and have to get paint pen part of the door handle due to "stupid."
  147. Modified or aftermarket hood deflector?
  148. Where did you get your mud flaps from?
  149. Drivers side door makes loud noise when opening.
  150. Let's talk about the R-word.... Rust. (and how to fix it)
  151. Maybe I should put this on?
  152. Side sill spoiler/ skirt rubber warped (by anti-rust spray)
  153. Yakima roof rack fitment is coming!
  154. Rear Diffuser Build
  155. JDM front bumper
  156. Pre-face lift JDM front Conversion Nismo Spec Project
  157. Fog lights (possible to make them work with high beams?)
  158. Body-Mods Game Time: Guess That Thingy
  159. a wing--i want a 42 dollar wing!...but sadface on 60 dollar shipping cost
  160. Changing rear wiper
  161. NISMO Garnish Cover, NISMO Door Handle Cover, Injen Intake installed
  162. Side mirror shakes (replaced both sides under warranty)
  163. LED Conversion Kit Micra/March K13 H4
  164. Under hood insulation panel/pad
  166. Anyone in here ever try the March tailight?
  167. Anyone do an EZLip
  168. Headlight Failure/Upgrade
  169. Need front left fender (blue or black)
  170. How do you remove 168/192 accent bulb from headlight housing?
  171. Anyone want to trade MICRA badge for MARCH badge?
  172. Fixing rock chips.
  173. LED Light bars! (K13 Micra)
  174. possible rusting issue (around hatchback latch/handle mechanism)
  175. Nismo Hunt!
  176. Blacking out some Chrome
  177. Body difference between Micra 2016/2017/2018
  178. Rear fender liners
  179. Exhaust pipe flange rusted off.
  180. No chrome!
  181. how to dismount third high brake lamp
  182. JDM TAIL LIGHTS (don't quite fit - help please!)
  183. DIY/How-to: LED Projector Retrofit and Blackout / Demon eyes
  184. eurovision led 6500K vs stock
  185. LED kit from Superbrightleds questions.
  186. Photo: "splatter" paint job on a Micra
  187. Rear wiper motor replacement
  188. Jack points and jack stand locations?
  189. windows freeze up constantly
  190. Hitch for 2018 Micra
  191. New Cat Fabrication