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  1. 2015 Nissan Micra tires - size, brand
  2. Ultra Racing suspension parts for the K13 2015 Micra
  3. Cusco coilovers & dampers
  4. Cusco strut tower bar & lower control arm brace
  5. Okuyama chassis braces
  6. 2015 Micra spare tire: full size spare or compact? Location?
  7. 2015 Micra K13 factory sway bars / stabilizer bars (pics)
  8. Micra and Sunny recall, plus small sedan and compact SUV on Micra platform
  9. The wheel fitment thread
  10. Micra Lowering (springs / coilovers)
  11. Oddity: Micra front vs. rear track width
  12. Lugnut size on the micra?
  13. need pics of stock suspension (please)
  14. Inexpensive wheels that will fit on stock tires?
  15. Interior underdash lighting
  16. Rims For Snows? (Micra lug pattern/hub bore/offset same as Versa Note?)
  17. Micra power steering (electric)
  18. Changing to a switchblade key
  19. Reuters: Micra rear brake recall (not sure if Canada affected)
  20. Winter/snow tires for Micra
  21. SR 16" Tires on SV
  22. Dealers adding aftermarket wheels: RTX 15's on red Micra SV at Cornwall Nissan
  23. rim size
  24. FINALLY getting my winter tires installed today! :)
  25. What ever you do...
  26. Which ABS Brakes?
  27. Exhaust?
  28. Brake Fluid Change Every 16,000 km??
  29. FYI: Micra Cup race car uses Note NISMO suspension bits
  30. New nismo parts for K13 HR16DE (short shifter, stainless brake lines, F strut bar)
  31. Micra aftermarket parts
  32. Coilover sway bar bracket
  33. New owner questions re. bushings, suspension upgrades, and wheel center caps
  34. Looking for a list of various strut bars or other handling bits
  35. New tires for the micra sr
  36. Wheel source (Minilite style wheels in the Micra Cup clips?)
  37. Sumitomo Z32 brake caliper swap
  38. Rims (aftermarket replica SR wheels)
  39. ***warning*** check your lug nuts...
  40. CanadaWheels X MicraForum Clintowicus Forum-Bro Winter Wheel And Tire Package Hookup
  41. 4tire.ca nexen winter tires
  42. Winter wheels, buy alloy and replace current?
  43. Had to replace my Micra's Brake Master Cylinder
  44. Winter Tires - Ordered Finally!
  45. SR 16" wheel specs
  46. CanadaWheels Black Friday Coupon Code
  47. custom front stress & strut bars installed - nice improvement
  48. Has your micra began to sag yet?
  49. Wheels Gallery: pics of Micras with aftermarket rims & wheel mods
  50. New Summer Set Up
  51. Wheel and tire sale
  52. Black Plastidiped stockers (SR rims)
  53. Suspension Rattling/Squeaking Noise
  54. Tanabe sustec brace (front, lower)
  55. All Weather Tires
  56. Custom Made Front Lower Suspension Brace
  57. Rear brakes squealing
  58. What brand of tire came with your Micra S
  59. Painted Calipers- Paint/new caliper
  60. Custom Front Strut Tower Brace
  61. Many thanks to Wynter and STST1300 for the replacement hub cap
  62. BC racing V1 coilover kit
  63. New tires: potenza re71-r 225/50r16
  64. putting back spare tire
  65. Air bag suspension stiffeners
  66. Bc racing coilovers for sale.
  67. Bye-bye summer tires...
  68. Load rating for winter tires
  69. SR for winters: Steelies vs. Alloy?
  70. West coast front tower strut
  71. All Weather Tires Installed
  72. Lowering springs for 2015 micra
  73. Tire Size Recommendation
  74. Generic lowering springs
  75. Lug nut thread pitch = 12 x 1.25?
  76. Nismo MC-8 with Project Mu
  77. Sitting on 13`s
  78. Tanabe front tower bar
  79. Stock clearance height front/rear
  80. Versa note lowering springs
  81. Colorful lowering spring
  82. How low is to low.
  83. Tire CHAINS/Cables-not recommended in owners manual
  84. Great handling stock car
  85. Versa Note Coilovers
  86. Tire valve caps
  87. sway bar upgrade
  88. aftermarket lowering spring and shock for k13 micra
  89. Factory spring rating
  90. Adjustable sway bar link kit
  91. Camber adjustment bolts
  92. Painting calipers
  93. Anyone else had luck in finding sway bar solution for coilovers?
  94. Abs and slip problem
  95. New 15" RWC Rims (R11) For Stock 15"
  96. Need advice (alignment after lowering & strut tower bar)
  97. Better Suspension? I find it too soft.
  98. Photoshop request.
  99. Cusco Anti-Roll Bars Installed
  100. What do you run for winter tires?
  101. Does the Micra's have TPMS? (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  102. Micra lift kit?
  103. Maxxis vs Toyo vs Michelin
  104. KYB Sports Lowfer now on RHDJapan
  105. Cheap Nordic Winter Tires on Sale at Canadian Tire.
  106. Any one running 17 rims and tires??
  107. Let's talk lowering. Looking for Coilovers or springs that will get me good figment.
  108. Winter tire question
  109. Hand Brake Adjustment
  110. OEM Spring Rate
  111. Tire Pressure Checks in Cold Weather
  112. Measure the distance between the strut towers
  113. widest tire (with stock rim)
  114. Wheel hub movement normal?
  115. Help - Looking for a wider steel rim
  116. Parking brake swap? (to Versa discs?)
  117. Getting the front brake discs out...
  118. 14 inch snowtires do fit.
  119. Paid off 2015. Time to work on it.
  120. Tanabe Lowering Springs installed
  121. Wich spring is the best for the bucks?
  122. Rotors (aftermarket?)
  123. Nissan versa coilspring
  124. Centering Steering Wheel
  125. Anyone running Firestone Indy 500s?
  126. Brake Drums rusted - repaint?
  127. Wheel Alignment Specifications on Micra K13?
  128. Sticky wheel alloy rims
  129. Installed RAYS Volkracing ZE40 on my Micra
  130. Looking for stock rim size for summer rims information.
  131. New wheels, RTX Bern
  132. Micra Cup Car parts/Quebec Micra Club
  133. Accidentally overfilled brake fluid resevoir
  134. Alloy wheels stuck on rear brake drums
  135. Spare Tire Removal & Inspection
  136. Any one try Scale suspension?
  137. Fast Wheels Shibuya 16x7
  138. At least we know the brakes work in my Micra. (VIDEO)
  139. Nissan Micra hydraulic struts - A dealer Item
  140. Nearly New Tires For Sale
  141. missing 1 hub cap (anyone have an extra one?)
  142. Tanabe Sustec springs installed
  143. Front brake replacement job
  144. Let's talk rear brakes (changed my rear shoes at 126,000 km)
  145. Rather clueless about passenger car tires... quick size up question.
  146. Lowering springs in canada??