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  1. HR16DE Micra engine: 1.6-litre 4-cylinder info (specs, specifications)
  2. Gear ratios: 2015 Micra transmission, 5-speed & automatic (speed vs RPM) UK also
  3. 2015 Micra vs competitors, power to weight ratio comparison
  4. Why a conventional 4-speed automatic in the 2015 Micra instead of a CVT?
  5. K13 1.6L Micra catback exhaust -- claims 124 hp from HR16DE
  6. OBX header for the HR16DE 1.6L engine
  7. Nissan dual fuel injection on 1.6L Micra engine HR16DE
  8. Turbo 1.6L Micra (March) HR16DE
  9. Continuously variable valve timing (CVTC) on Micra 1.6L HR16DE
  10. Injen Intake adds 4 hp & 4 ft/lbs (Micra 1.6 dyno chart/graph)
  11. 352hp K13 Micra - SR16VE+Turbo engine swap
  12. Micra 1.6L: timing belt or chain? Interference engine? HR16DE
  13. Micra Oil Change (easy DIY / How to / oil filter part numbers)
  14. A quick observation (air intake location)
  15. Basic engine maintenance checks
  16. Free oil changes by dealer?
  17. Block heater location
  18. Juke Turbo
  19. OEM Micra fluid capacities
  20. Problem with my micra already (sputters at 2500 RPM) ... Solved.
  21. Looking for a cold air intake
  22. Which oil filter is better
  23. Traction control system
  24. Problems ALREADY! (engine knocking at certain RPM - HR16DE - solved)
  25. Use your Micra's block heater: save fuel, reduce wear, be more comfortable.
  26. Video of Micra air intake tubing rattling at idle
  27. where is the oil filter location for automatic transmission fluid
  28. N or D or P in stop and go traffic? and can automatic micra K13 be towed
  29. where the location at dipstick to check automatic oil ?
  30. Urgent help for BSFC-Torque-RPM and Power-Torque-RPM graphs
  31. 2015 Nissan Micra SR engine problem (oil consumption - head gasket)
  32. Bogging down/almost stalling when operating windows?
  33. Fumoto Drain Valve
  34. Fuel cap loose message - Check engine light on dash
  35. Beware the dipstick
  36. Buzzzzzzzzzz.... High frequency vibration
  37. Micra K&N air filter
  38. Bullydog programmer
  39. Custom mandrel bent exhaust, cat & mid-silencer delete (Video)
  40. 2 inch cat back exhaust: glasspack & Magnaflow muffler
  41. Clutch. What are the specs?
  42. Engine jerkin when A.C. Kicks in and out
  43. Aftermarket cruise control, Micra S
  44. Engine rev limiter
  45. Juke mr16ddt and 6mt RS6F94R swap (188 HP -- stock -- turbo Micra)
  46. what is this sound
  47. 2.5" mandrel bent cat back straight pipe.
  48. Micra S Occasionally Will Not Start
  49. 0-60(100km) 0-400m : whats your times
  50. Micra stalled on the highway, low RPMs.
  51. How breaking in the Engine on a Micra
  52. HR16DE light turbo kit (fits Micra 1.6L K13)
  53. Fuel Types: What you need to know.
  54. Design flaw on manual transmission shift cable?
  55. 400 HP 280lbs torque on a 88lbs 3 cynlinder engine. F$%?% Yeah!!!
  56. Smell of Gas after starting my Micra
  57. Using a larger oil filter (Warranty issue?)
  58. Service Schedule??
  59. 2015 1.6 HR16DE Modifications
  60. Block Heater Extension Cord.
  61. She's cold hearted. (engine doesn't warm up idling in winter)
  62. Available LSD (not the well you know..)
  63. Vent Control Valve P0456 (evap leak)
  64. Reprogramed ecm? (engine control module computer updated by dealer without asking)
  65. Hard to change gear... (problem in the shifter to the transmission?)
  66. 4 speed vs CVT.
  67. MIA's Motorsports Intake
  68. Transmission noise?
  69. No acceleration??!!! RESOLVED
  70. Pedal box throttle response gadget.
  71. Subframe rigid collar kit ( SPOON)
  72. Block heater extension cord with grille-mounted covered recepticle/outlet
  73. Any interest in custom 3D printed intake with MAF housing? (Micra/Versa/Note)
  74. Check engine light - P0075
  75. Engine noise between 2000 and 2500 rpm
  76. Mia Cold air intake
  77. Micra / Versa automatic transmission fluid level (4-speed AT)
  78. Engine Water Intake + Thermostat replaced
  79. 1.6 turbo in the Sentra
  80. SR20VET swap... (looking at turbocharged 2.0L from X-trail into Micra)
  81. p0011 code (VVT or VCT timing?)
  82. Engine oil capacity wrong in owner's manual?
  83. Micra S : Getting a whole new Engine (oil comsuption)
  84. Not So ‘Standard’ Anymore: The Manual Transmission is Almost Dead
  85. Micra performance parts
  86. Synthetic motor oil and premium gas
  88. Micra stock air intake
  89. Stock exhaust size
  90. Deep Sounding muffler
  91. March Nismo S
  92. No Engine Coolant Temp Gauge (other options? OBD? Aftermarket?)
  93. HPS intake or injen intake
  94. Muffler size limit?
  95. Micra cup exhaust
  96. Nismo exhaust
  97. New hps intake installed
  98. HPs intake review after 3 days
  99. Auto Transmission Replacement (internal bearing failure)
  100. Changing gear ratio on manual transmission
  101. 2" Kakimoto stainless Steel Exhaust
  102. Changing spark plugs
  103. Custom Cold Air Intake
  104. 2015 SR Manual Transmission Noisy
  105. Is it easy to install a block heater on the Micra?
  106. Developing a MAF sensor housing for custom air intakes (Micra / Versa)
  107. My second engine replacement : this time by me
  108. Access to change manual transmission fluid?
  109. What Intake will Fit?!?!
  110. First oil change coming up. Wondering about cost and what oil is used?
  111. Clutch issues - Severe judder
  112. Bigger Throttle Body (MR20DE)
  113. 2017 Micra s Injen intake SOUND
  114. N-Tec Extra throttle 60
  115. Micra Cup Exhaust....Part 2
  116. how does one bleed the clutch ? : )
  117. Who makes exhaust header?
  119. HKS Silent Hi Power exhaust installed
  120. Rodent Wiring Damage
  121. Loose Bolt Found on Engine
  122. Excessive oil consumption at 46,000 km?
  123. Block heater location on engine?
  124. Radiator for manual trans cu13261
  125. DIY: TPS relearn procedure (throttle position sensor) .
  126. Airaid custom intake
  127. Micra Forum ———— Solo Performance exhaust axle back
  128. CEL PO 181 fuel temp. sensor???
  129. Air Filter Box Design/Changing the air filter
  130. Nismo exhaust center pipe installed
  131. Cold start with ethanol fuel
  132. Nismo exaust
  133. rattling sound in the rain
  134. Rawtek Catback liquidation.
  135. Manual Transmission Oil change help
  136. Oil Catch Can K13
  137. New Nissan Kicks (stupid name, I know) engine specs and part differences?
  138. Amazon Oil Catch can
  139. Yaw Rate Sensor & Brake Overdrive System (BOS)
  140. DIY/How To: changing Spark Plugs on a K13 (Micra/March)
  141. Nissan march(k10) super turbo (MA09ERT) spare parts needed
  142. (JDM) Note nismo S air intakes...
  143. block heater current draw? (amps / watts?)
  144. Shifting problems when cold
  145. Looking at buying a Micra: Anyone have 2017+ models with rod knock in HR16DE engine?
  146. Squealing when accelerating up a hill