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Thread: DIY: disconnect air conditioning switch from defroster setting

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    This is being done today on mine! I know if I need to turn on my AC to dry the need for idiot functions...

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    Thanks a million Mini Me for this idea! I was also pretty annoyed by this automatic A/C function in defog mode. It took me 5 minutes to remove the upper and lower panels and disconnect the quick connector. For those interested in this mod, it is important to remove the lower plastic front panel too. Don't forget to remove the air recycling button before just by pulling on it. It is not that difficult to remove the plastic panels, but it's better to use a slim plastic trim tool to avoid any damages to the plastic parts. Oh and make sure you tape or you stuck those loose wires somewhere behind other wires or trim pieces to avoid any clicking sounds while driving!

    Voilà! I got full control of my A/C now!

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