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Thread: adding a cabin air filter (no filter present from the factory)

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    I installed this guy I the other day Fram Fresh Breeze CF10709. Was a bit rigid but I just crushed them and fit like a charm. Was harder to contort my body to actually get in there. Local Lordco had it on sale for 25$...big difference in filtering outside smells now. Glad I looked at this thread ☺

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    I watched the video link & verified my car does not have a filter installed (2016 SV)
    I was pretty sure it didn't as I do drive on dusty roads & the car does get dirty inside.
    I went to Lordco today & was told the CF10709 Filter was 35$ so I showed them the above post
    & they sold it to me for 25$
    I managed to get the filter installed but it was difficult.
    I kept thinking its way too big to fit & had to bend the filter on the edge being inserted a lot
    & then it just popped into place. Hopefully its not too hard to remove later.
    I found the same filter at Canadian tire for 2$ more than the "sale" price at Lordco.

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