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Thread: LED light upgrade

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    Doing the interior light mod today for the second time. I am glad the bulbs came in packs of two

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    changed the front marker lights, the park lights and the stop/tail lights all to LED
    changing the marker and park lights is a pain in the ass so hopefully its a once and done with it deal
    I changed the interior and plate light to LED a year ago and am very happy with it

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    So the Nissan Versa has the same problem as the Micra. To their credit, there are two interior dome lights, one at the front, and one in the middle, but both have a pathetic license plate clearance light inside. I found the new version of the Philips two pack at Princess Auto for $14.99, but I also found Trux brand LED's two pack for $8.99. I bought both and decided to test them out.
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    First, I realized that it's difficult to compare brightness of these lights just from photographs, as the camera will compensate for varying brightness, so I decided to measure each one with a light meter. First, a base line reading on the conventional bulb:
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    Now here's the old style Philips I have in there now:
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    The new Philips LED didn't measure quite as bright, but my eye couldn't tell the difference. This difference is so minute, it could have been how I held the light meter.
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    And now, finally, the Princess Auto cheapies, which we noticed immediately were pathetic and weak:
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    As you can see, this LED is even dimmer than the conventional bulb; it's actually a DOWNGRADE in brightness! These are definitely going back, I'm sticking to the Philips.

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    Thanks for posting the test.


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    Has anyone tried the LED headlight bulb conversions?

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