Thread: Problems ALREADY! (engine knocking at certain RPM - HR16DE - solved)

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    I'll chime in, however I think my situation may be different.

    I bought my brand new 2016 Micra SR on October 31st 2016. I can't remember how many km exactly but it was probably around 500. Whenever I would shift my car into drive, there was a similar knocking sound. I took it four times to the dealership and they finally found out it was the shifter cable. Since I've had it replaced, it's been running without the knocking sound.

    It's kind of upsetting that on a brand new car the shifter cable was already damaged. And when they ordered a new shifter cable, that one came already broken so I had to wait for a new one to come in (and cross my fingers that one wasn't broken, too).

    I think I'm going to keep an ear out for this knocking sound now, though. Just in case.

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    What I take from this thread is that Nissan will acknowledge the issue if one is present, and take the steps required to repair the issue. No one is being turned away. Replacement engines are being installed at no cost to the customer.

    Yes it's a bit of a headache. But no manufacturer is going to throw a $5000 repair in a car just cause. Due diligence is required.
    That's what warrenties are for. To date there are no catastrophic failures, explosions, pistons thru blocks or anything. Just a rattle which is clearly defined in the FSM under trouble shooting knocks and rattles section. Anything produced in the multiple millions in multiple countries isn't going to be 100% even a 0.01% error could be thousands of engines. They are only human. Micra cup cars are driven hard and seem to take te beating with a smile. My car is driven, not abused, but driven, and it's fine. 12k km+ since the replacement and I can't complain. It's not like exchanging something at walmart. But it's also not like trying to get something done with the government ( long waits and no communication ). It literally costs almost as much as riding the bus twice a day ( and cheaper then go train. ( purchase price over 5 year term not including insurance /gas ) and how many of you have seen a broken down bus on the side of the road? My micra has never stranded me. My 1994 Volvo did, and often.

    Just remember BMW and Porsche have a whole list of finicky issues. And they cost 5x as much or more.

    Kinda turned away. Asked to authorize "potentially" billable inspection. And advised to go back to where I bought it / had it previously serviced. Which shouldn't matter.


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