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Thread: Stereo and speaker replacement

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    All the wiring for the stereos is the same from Versas to Micras.

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    Nice tutorial thanks!

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    I am doing the same apple carplay unit, MB quart speakers and soundstream subwoofer under the seat and their micro 4 channel amp in the spare tire area.

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    ptbo / Impulse
    im going to replace the micra S deck( no steering wheel controls) IDEALLY you would have the pinouts for the nissan Harness or pictures. SPECIFICALLY
    are all the pins used in the nissan harness ?
    is there a reverse trigger wire? (for camera)

    I know generally this info is available for speaker output/illumination/power/ but i am wondering about the reverse and also any other "newer" outputs.

    Any info appreciated!

    I am beginning to believe the illumination trigger may be a PWM control and hooking up any old headunits illumination trigger may not be good for the car

    If anyone has hooked up the "illumination" wire from an aftermarket deck i would love to hear how it went, becuase i am NOT going to touch the 2 illumination + and - wires in the car harness
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgoedhard View Post
    It's not a versa thing. Mine rattles in 15 oC temperatures or less and it not just the dash. You can even hear ice quakes from outside.

    The radio should have a AUX/line in built in.

    When I was getting my 2015 Micra SV I had the option to get the reverse camera / USB stereo for an extra 500 which I kind of regret not getting. The car is so small I leave enough room to park another micra behind mine

    The 2016 Versa I drove had a stereo that played music via bluetooth and auto responded "Driver Busy" text msg's but I'm not quite sure they are the same.

    I do know the 2015 Micra doesn't not do those functions on the USB stereos nor regular stereos
    Did you change the stereo of your Micra and now it rattles or it always did. My Micra has been doing well even in -20C so I am super scared that if I change the stereo it'll start rattling. I suspect the dash kit I put in my previous versa made things worse.

    The 2016 didn't have the option to get the USB stereo and camera unless I took the sporty version that was way pricier. What an ordeal, I really dislike the stock stereo but so torn about causing problems by changing it.

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