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Thread: has anyone changed micra spark plugs?

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    Question has anyone changed micra spark plugs?

    Hi All,

    Question for the DIY'ers, has anyone attempted to change the sparkplugs on their k13 micra? I've tried to research the process as best as I could, and from searching the forum, only saw the russian youtube video. Perhaps someone else can chime in and lend a hand.

    Thx in advance,

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    Best I can think of is look up how to do it on an '07 sentra. I also have one of those and the engines have the same configuration where it is tilted back and has the header (or whatever those 4 pipes are) that go over the engine. That needs to come off completely to access 3 of 4 of the plugs/ coils.

    It's not like an older car where its a 15 minute job. Set aside a few hours. I think the shop charges 2 hours or so. How many KM on your car? I wouldn't bother unless you car is running crappy or high mileage.

    Use the plugs specified in your manual by the way, They should be good for 150,000 KM or something, platinum or iridium which carry a premium on price.


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