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Thread: Kia Rio 2018's interior looks astounding. Is it the BEST in class, in US/Cd?

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    Kia Rio 2018's interior looks astounding. Is it the BEST in class, in US/Cd?

    i'm just amazed at their new interior design. specially their dash + steering wheel + their gear selector + seats .

    also, heated seats is standard. DAMN. i mean, heated steering wheel would be great too, but hey , this is still amazing progress.

    i love the fact that i'm alive in this time period. if you care about value for your buck, and you're a cheapskate subcompact lover like me, there is arguably no better time in recent memory*.

    *altho Europeans get much greater options.

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    Name:  2018_kia_rio_5-door_interior_12525_740.jpg
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    Decidedly not basic looking.


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    I've been reading up on this car lately and it's very impressive.
    I do believe it does come with heated steering wheel. 130hp! On all the trim levels.
    I really like the new design. What annoys me is that the base model Rio is better equipped than the top of the Micra SR and cheaper.

    I know what my next car will be. The 2018 Hyundai accent is also close consideration. They are practically the same car anyway.

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