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Thread: My Micra rant (2 year ownership)

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    Hope you enjoy your new car. Friends of mine bought a used RVR also and are happy with it.

    basically saying in English:
    Imagine if you are driving your favorite car, when consuming less fuel and reduce your carbon footprints. Micra is built for you. Economical, elegant, affordable, and easy to drive. .... bla bla bla bla...
    Since you've mentioned that, I've seen English Micra advertising that also promotes its "outstanding fuel economy"... without mentioning any numbers. Yes, it's outstanding ... if you trade a Ford F-150.

    I'm curious how the consumption of your new RVR will compare to the Micra in the real world.

    It's too bad your Micra was such a pain! Sorry to see you go.


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    Picked it up on Saturday, drove it for 100 km, mixed with 70% highway and 30% city on 2WD and with lots of things in the trunk. got 10.1 km / 100 L.
    Will probably have a better rating in summer with summer tires.

    So far, i feel that the money is well spent.
    From Micra to RVR, the insurance is increased by 18$ / month, which would have been 32$ if it was a RAV4... apprently RAV4 get stolen more frequently in Montreal, that's what the insurance guy told me.

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