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Thread: What do you run for winter tires?

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    I've been running Blizzaks on my last few vehicles and I expect I will be doing the same on the Micra. The tires perform well out here in our NB weather and we have a really good local dealer that treats folks fairly and gives back to the community.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Groleau View Post
    I maybe cheap on some stuff, but when it comes to winter tires. I get nothing but the top rated tires. As such Ill be fitting my Micra with Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2.

    Out here in Vancouver you see nothing but all wheel drive vehicles outfitted with worn all-season tires in the ditch. And even as you help them out of the ditch they try to tell you that they do not need winter tires because they have all-wheel drive... A bit ironic isnt it? Ask your self, is it cheaper buy good tires or having to deal with a preventable accident. Ultimately, find a proper winter dedicated tire thats within your budget.

    Ive been fitting most of my past vehicles with non-studed Nokian tire. My subaru was the only one I got studded tires for. The only. Reason I did is because I was driving on the Coquihalla hwy daily. (for people not familiar with this road, its constantly featured on the show: highway to hell). That said, I think studded tires are over kill for most people. They do perform best on ice, but non studed versions do better on snowy, dry, and wet condition. Studded tires are much louder and in some cities, many parkades will not allow you to park there if you have studs
    +1 For Nokian. I have my RSI's going on next week. Had to order new 14' rims for them. (210shipped out of montreal)

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