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Thread: Brake fluid flush at 1y/24000KMS - Is this really needed?

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    Brake fluid flush at 1y/24000KMS - Is this really needed?

    I just took my Micra in for an oil change and the service tech was recommending a brake fluid flush/replacement for ~$140.

    Is this really needed after just over a year of driving with 24,000kms? I've never had that recommended on any other new car I've owned.


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    Brake fluid absorbs water (hygroscopic), and should be replaced as per the manual instructions, typically every 2 years along with all "brake like" (hydraulic fluid), i.e. clutch. It's cheap insurance to maintain the cylinders and lines free of rust, you'll be glad you did in the long run...

    Why Change Brake Fluid?

    So consider this: After three years of service, the average boiling point of the brake fluid has dropped to a potentially dangerous level because of moisture contamination and may not meet minimum federal requirements for brake fluid.


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