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Thread: Changing gear ratio on manual transmission

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    Changing gear ratio on manual transmission

    Just wondering if anyone has or looked into regearing the transmission.

    Ive driven 7500km on my new micra. I love the car, great in the city. But mileage on the highway sucks. 3000 rpm at 100km/h, thats rather high. I tend to be doing 120-140+ a fair bit. So its becoming a thirsty car.

    I find first gear a wee bit low I usually end up shifting by 20km/h and often end up skipping 3rd or 4th depending of my driving. And usually in 5th by the time I am doing 80 on highway....even 50 in town. Ive never really had to downshift to pass anyone.

    I am seriously considering ripping my transmission out. Put a slightly taller first gear. 5th gear (or something close to the current gear) would then become 4th, id get a taller 5th gear highway cruising. 2nd and 3rd id adjust to fit nicely with the new ratio of the other gear.

    Im not worried about voiding the warranty, ill provably end up voiding it pretty soon anyways. Im not one to pay over priced mechanics to do my maintenance.

    Any thought?
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