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    She's Dead Jim

    So on the 30 of march, i unfortunately wrecked my car. It was a write off and I'm pretty sad about it... been working really hard, and the micra was my trusted commuter. I didn't take any pictures because I honestly don't want to remember losing my first brand new car.....
    The car slid sideways over a median ( a very short one ) and i landed on the other side. Now not a single airbag went off, and not a scratch to even the skirts! However because sliding sideways into the curb twisted the rear, and destroyed the front end suspension the amount of work needed to be done to the car outweighed its value.
    All is not lost though, I just today picked up another nissan micra 2015 s white with 364 km..... I honestly feel like i won the lottery after finding a basically brand new car that the write off cheque covered. Just waiting to see how bad I am going to be dinged for it and if i will have anything to put skirts, a new spoiler on this one..... so back to the grind again and if anyone is looking for a micra I highly recommend SHERWAY NISSAN..... the people there were incredibly nice and helpful....

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