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Thread: GROUP BUY (Stahl-Tek reinforcement bars )

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    GROUP BUY (Stahl-Tek reinforcement bars )

    Group buy!!!!!

    Impuls helping you spend your tax refund again!!!

    Stahl-Tek reinforcement bars
    Regular : $492.83
    Micra-Forum group buy :
    $345 ( $150 savings )
    ( pick up )
    delivery or shipping extra
    I will meet with members with-in 100km radius of cawthra/qew.
    Just toss me $10 for gas ( if I'm driving 100 both ways x 10 members that 2000km and gas ain't free gnome sayin.

    What's included

    3 PC strengthening kit ;
    -Front strut tower bar
    -Rear strut tower bar
    -front sub-assembly support bar

    Right now the colour choices are
    Blue or black ( to get the best deal )

    But i can see what I can do about that

    Possible other colours
    Orange red yellow green blue black grey and white

    So please pick 2 colours.
    Preferred and (black or blue)

    Min. 6 ppl plus myself.
    But I've arranged for 10 kits, if necessary I can arrange for more.

    There are 4 stages to this group buy.

    1- sign up.
    I need to know if your in, if your in you should be prepared to send the funds in a timely manner, upon ordering.
    2- parts will be ordered within 2 weeks of reaching the required amount of participants, after the funds have been collected.
    ( so you have a 2 week window once we reach to required # of ppl)
    3- I receive and re-distribute parts, in a timely manner.
    4- smile and tent fingers

    This deal does expire. I will put an end date for this group buy of may 2 2017
    ( 10 calendar weeks from today )
    We either reach the limit and order or we don't.

    Don't send money until it's needed.
    When its needed send it promptly.
    Be patient. I have to.
    Once we place the order, I will collect funds, forward to the supplier, and provide you all with updates via this thread.

    3 PC strengthening kit ;
    -Front strut tower bar
    -Rear strut tower bar
    -front sub-assembly support bar

    Regular costs 3,677 mxn peso
    Plus shipping, handling, duty and taxes

    Product: 246.84cdn
    Shipping: 135.96cdn > 382.80
    Handling: 33.88cdn > 416.68
    Duty: 23.35cdn > 440.03
    Tax: 52.80cdn > 492.83

    Total: 492.83cdn to your door regular
    Or $345 pick up. Group buy.


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