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Thread: CNET video on speedometers: shows higher speed than our Micra w/in limits?

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    CNET video on speedometers: shows higher speed than our Micra w/in limits?

    PS: damn i hate this char limit on the thread title ...


    just watched this from one of my favorite car hosts, Brian COoley from CNET.

    the tl;dr -

    in the US, speedos are allowed to be 2-5% from actual speed (meaning, the higher the speed, the greater the discrepancy,)

    in Euro, it's 1/10th of the speed, +4kph.

    to my GREAT SURPRISE: brian says the odo is completely accurate.

    so my question: is our Micra within either of those limits? and is our odo really truly accurate? that would be a great relief for me.

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    The Micra SR loaner I had from Nissan: the odometer was correct. The speedometer showed 100 kph at 96 kph actual, but the odometer was accurate within 0.1 km after 20 km of driving.

    The obd2-reported speed WAS correct, only the speedo needle was off. Which suggests to me the ECU was programmed with a speedometer offset.


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